Submission Guidelines

12×12 Art accepts submissions by email only. Unfortunately, we are not able to make appointments or
spontaneously view portfolios during gallery hours. There are two submission options:

  1. Email with a letter of introduction and a link to your website. All required information about your self and your work must be available to us on your website or choose Option 2.
  2. Email and include the following information:
    • Letter of Introduction
    • Artist Biography and Artist Statement
    • Minimum of 10 Digital Images (recent work within the last 6 months) submitted as JPEG files
    • List of Titles, Medium, Sizes and Selling Prices for all images submitted

Due to the volume of submissions received by the gallery, we will only reply to you if we are interested in making an
appointment or viewing more of your work.

Please do not call the gallery directly to inquire about your submission.